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County Recorder
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Wasatch County Recorder

The Recorder’s Office records documents pertaining to real estate property and maintains cross-reference indexes to these records. The Recorder’s Office also maintains a set of maps which show the current ownership of every tract of land in the entire county. The records are open for public inspection and copies of documents may be purchased at this office. The main function of the office is to keep the real property (land) records for Wasatch County and provide the county assessor and treasurer’s office with information necessary for assessment and taxation.

Information/Record Disclaimer:
The records of the recorder’s office are made available to the public; however the Wasatch County Recorder’s Office and employees make no warranty or guarantee as to the accuracy, reliability, or timeliness of any information in the recorder’s web site and are not responsible for any errors or omissions or for the results obtained from the use or misuse of this information. Assessing accuracy and reliability of the information is the responsibility of the user. The Recorder's office does not provide forms/documents of any kind to the public for recording and cannot assist or fill out documents for you.

Our Records And How We Can Help You


The Wasatch County Recorder’s Office contains the historical land records from 1862 to the present. In 1914 Duchesne County was created from the eastern half of Wasatch County; those land records are located in the Duchesne County Recorder’s Office.

The land records, either have been computerized, microfilmed or reside in book format. Most of the original books are now stored off site in a vault for safe keeping. The land records are open to the public in the recorder’s office to view, search and make copies.

How We Can Help You

Department personnel can help patrons who come into the office; with certified copies, locating real property on maps, current ownership and other current information such as size, location, and dimensions of property, situs address, etc. They can also assist patrons in getting started with historical searches.  Telephone requests for limited information such as parcel ID numbers, current ownership, acreage, last vesting document on screen, or limited recording information can be honored. Requests for metes and bounds legal descriptions will not be honored over the telephone.

HB 309 Requesting Redactions

If you need to request redactions or request an un redacted document. Please fill out and submit the forms below.

Request for Information Redaction

Request for Un Redacted Copy

What We Cannot Do For You

Employees may not search the records on behalf of patrons, prepare legal descriptions, give legal advice or interpret legal documents. For a full title search we suggest contacting a title company or an attorney.

Recording Requirements

Recording Requirements

Recording Requirements

Below are the requirements for the recording of documents. These requirements are defined in the Utah State Code and are subject to change or amendment by the State Legislature.

      Documents must be clearly readable.
      (Utah Code 57-3)
Original Document
     Documents must be originals with original signatures and notaries to be eligible for recording.
     (Utah Code 57-3)
Legal Description
     Documents affecting real property must have a legal description of the property affected.
     (Utah Code 57-3)
Notary Acknowledgement
     Documents affecting real property must be acknowledged.
     (Utah Code 57-3)
Mailling Address
     Documents conveying title to real property must contain the mailing address of the grantees.
     (Utah Code 57-3)
Names of Signers Printed
     Names must be printed or typed of all signers whose names are required to be indexed.
     (Utah Code 17-21)
Nature of Document
     Documents shall contain a brief caption stating the nature of the document.
     (Utah Code 57-3)
Tax ID Number
     Documents submitted for recording will contain a tax serial number for each parcel described in the
      (Utah Code 17-21)

Recording Fees

Fees of the County Recorder
UT Code 17-21-18.5
Recorded Item Cost
Each document submitted for recording regardless of number of pages or parties $40.00
Additional descriptions after the first 10 (lot, unit, claim, easement, right of way, or exception) Plus $2.00 each
Plat of Subdivision or Condominium, etc. per sheet $50.00
Each lot, unit, parcel, open space $2.00 each
Certificate under seal $5.00
Additional pages (copy of document)  $1.00
The recorders office will not charge more than one recording fee for each instrument, regardless of whether the instrument bears multiple descriptive titles or includes one or more attachments as part of the instrument.

Remote Access Subscription Service

Remote Access Subscription Service

Wasatch County offers a limited number of remote off-site connections to the property tax and document management systems. These subscriptions are based on a 12-month annual subscription basis. Please review the contract below for details. These services are offered via the Information Systems department. For more information, please contact Don Wood (435) 657-3196. (Initial setup fees may apply)


  • $1,750 per year (access to the property tax system, required minimum service)
  • $1,150 per year (access to Recorder's maps, documents, and Indexes not available via tax system or public website, optional service)
  • $1,000 Account Setup Fee (Required for all new accounts or expired accounts)

Remote Access and Public Search Contract - pdf

Online Parcel Map

Online Parcel Map

This map application will help in locating a parcel using the parcel number, address, street name, or subdivision name.  After the parcel is located, a small 8 X 11 map can be created and printed.


This plat map has been prepared in accordance with the requirements of section 17-21-21 of the Utah Code, as amended.  The purpose of this plat map is to “show the record owners of each tract of land in the county, together with the dimensions of the tract.”  Utah Code 17-21-21(1).  The ownership tract lines on this plat map were produced based upon the best Public Land Survey System section control information available to the county surveyor and recorded deeds.  These ownership tract lines should be used for reference purposes only.  Wasatch County Recorder’s Office and employees make no warranty or guarantee as to the accuracy, reliability, or timeliness of any information in the parcel layer and are not responsible for any errors or omissions or for the results obtained from the use or misuse of this information.  Questions concerning precise ownership tract location should be directed to a title company, attorney, or licensed land surveyor.

Wasatch County Online Parcel Map

Online Document Lookup Service

Online Document Look-up Service

  • Recorded documents
  • Subdivisions maps
  • UDOT maps
  • Miscellaneous recorder maps
  • Annexation maps

Online Document Look-up Service
(Free of Charge)