Wasatch County Logo - Better By Nature


Wasatch County is recognized as a desirable destination to live, work and play. We are dedicated to honoring & protecting the heritage and rural character of our community, and are committed to creating a unique sense of place.


In cooperation with the community and local governments, Wasatch County will address public needs, deliver quality services, and provide responsive decisions.

Through thoughtful planning and zoning, that manages the impacts of growth, The County strives to balance the preservation of the area's highly valued rural and agricultural character with the promotion of clean and sustainable economic, residential, recreational, and tourism development opportunities.


We manage and communicate our affairs in a fiscally sound and transparent manner while enforcing state and county ordinances consistently to promote a sense of trust between the county and its citizens. All county departments and employees are focused on good governance which includes professionalism, respect, ethics, integrity, transparency, and accountability to all of its citizens.