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Quinn Davis
Building Department Head

Wasatch County Building Department

The Building Department reviews and approves plans, issues permits for residential and commercial construction, and performs building, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, and sign inspections. Permits are now applied for online.

Permit Requirement Updates
  1. Starting September 12, 2021, a Septic System Permit issued by the Wasatch County Health Department will be required to submit for a Building Permit if property will have a Septic System.
  2. Starting November 7, 2023, building permit applications for structures on parcels over 1 acre shall include the total disturbed area, including the footprint of the structures being applied for, and the area of areas improved for motor vehicles, such as driveways and parking areas.
    1. If the total disturbed area is 1 acre or more an engineering permit is required to be submitted with your permit application.
  3. Starting November 21, 2023, a property owner authorization form is required to be submitted with all applications if the person applying for the permit is not the recorded property owner.
    1. Property Owner Authorization Form -pdf

Building Permit Application

Online Building Permit Application

Apply for a building permit online any time of the day. You can now set up an account and follow your permit request throughout the permitting process. All documents must be uploaded as PDF files and be named according to the naming pattern below. Please review the naming pattern list below carefully. The list below pertains mainly to new single-family dwellings. For all other structures, any documents in the list that apply to the type of structure you are building are what is required. If you have questions about what documents are needed for the structure you are building please call the office at 435-657-3200. A plan review will not take place until your submittal is complete.

Required Building Permit Plan Submission Naming Pattern

The above documents need to be named as follows for each submittal/review cycle.
If they are not labeled correctly, your submittal will be rejected until the files are named accordingly.

File Type File Name Discipline Sheet Type
Must be to scale and on either Arch D 24x36 or Arch E 48x36. The file needs to include all architectural sheets and structural sheets. Be sure the structural plans are stamped and signed by the Engineer of Record.
Complete Plan Set Architectural Plans
Site Plan
The site plan needs to be separate from your complete plan set. Needs to reflect distances to all property lines and other structures on the property. Needs to reflect the driveway's width and slope if within a Wildland Fire Area.
Site Plan Architectural SitePlan
Engineering Structural Engineering Calcs Structural Structural Calculations
Gas Line
The Gas Schematic need to reflect the requested meter size, pipe type, pipe lengths, sizes and the BTU/CFH Load of all appliances.
Gas Schematic Mechanical Gas Schematic
Manual J & D Heat Loss
Use Logan or Vernal as design location
Manual J & D-Heat Loss Mechanical Heat Loss Calculations
Signature Required. Need to use the Utah Energy Conservation Code and must pass by 5% or better. If using the prescriptive method, the prescriptive table must be on the cover sheet of your plans.
ResCheck-Signed Energy ResCheck
Truss Package
The truss package is no longer required to be submitted with the permit application. A complete truss package will be required to be submitted through the inspection portal prior to requesting a Roof Nailing inspection. A complete truss package needs to include a review letter from the Engineer of Record, Truss Layout, and all Truss Sheets. The truss sheets need to be stamped by the truss manufacturer.
Truss Package Reviewed Structural Truss Package
Propane Application* Propane Application Fire Propane
Wildland Hazard Severity Form* Wildland Fire Wild Land Fire Fire Hazard Severity Form
Landscape Plan Landscape Plan Wild Land Fire Landscape Plan
ICC Evaluation Reports* ER (Report Number) Architectural Other
Bid/Cost of Construction
Not required on Single Family Dwellings
Bid-Cost of Construction Forms Bid-Cost Valuation
Fireplace Specifications
Fireplace specifications are not required at the time of application. These documents will need to be submitted through the inspection portal prior to requesting your 4-Way inspection.
Fireplace Specifications* Mechanical Other
Soils Report Soils Report Structural Other
Home Owner Association* HOA Forms HOA Packet
Plan Review Response Plan Review Response Plan Review Plan Review Comments
Fire Sprinkler Plans*
Fire Sprinkler plans and calculations are no longer required to be submitted with the permit application. If your structure requires fire sprinklers, these documents will be required to be submitted through the inspection portal prior to requesting your Rough Sprinkler and 4-Way inspection.
Complete Fire Sprinkler Plans Fire Sprinkler Plans
Fire Sprinkler Calcs*
Fire Sprinkler plans and calculations are no longer required to be submitted with the permit application. If your structure requires fire sprinklers, these documents will be required to be submitted through the inspection portal prior to requesting your Rough Sprinkler and 4-Way inspection.
Fire Sprinkler Calcs Fire Calculations
Septic Permit Letter Septic Permit Forms Septic Letter
Property Owner Authorization Property Owner Authorization Forms Property Owner Authorization

* If Applicable

** Truss Package Reviewed file and Fire Sprinkler Plans and Calculations are no longer required to be submitted upfront. If applicable to the structure you are building these documents will be required to be submitted through our inspection software prior to requesting your Roof Nailing Inspection for the Truss Package and 4-Way for the Fire Sprinkler documents.

Important Information- Please Read and Understand

After you have completed the application and uploaded your documents please be sure to click “SUBMIT FOR REVIEW”.

After your application and documents have been submitted, your submittal will be reviewed for completeness. If you are missing items that are needed for a complete submittal, you will get an email letting you know what is still needed. Also in that email will be a link to pay the plan review fee. The plan review fee is 65% of the building fee and will vary from project to project.

Any time you receive an email with items that need to be corrected you will need to click the “SUBMIT FOR REVIEW” button after making the corrections. This is how we are notified that your submittal is ready for us to review. If you don’t submit it for review, we don’t have your project.

Once you received your corrections and you are ready to resubmit revisions, DO NOT DELETE any existing uploaded files. Label all new uploads per the above list so that a revision is reflected in the revision column instead of an additional document. Deleting documents may delete your plan review and hold up the issuance of your permit.

All uploaded documents must be in PDF format. Uploading documents of any other format will result in your application being returned as incomplete.

Request An Inspection

Online Building Inspection Request

Wasatch County's Building Inspection department now accepts online permit inspection requests. Please use the link shown below to access this service. Building inspection requests are scheduled on a first come first serve basis and accounting for inspector availability in your area of the county.

Please keep in mind:

  • When you fill out a request, that it is a request and that if the date you have requested is not available, you will be scheduled for the first available spot.  
  • 24 hours notice is required when requesting an inspection.  
  • Due to the high volume of inspection requests currently being received, the average wait time for an inspection is 2-3 business days.

**In order to be able to accommodate the high volume of inspections, all concrete inspection requests must be received by 2:00 p.m. the business day prior to your pour.**


A Builder account is now required to request an inspection.

Please click for step-by-step instructions on how to create the account, who needs to create it and how that person adds other users.


Click here for instructions on creating a Builder Account and how to add additional users



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Frequently Asked Questions

All inspection requests are made online. The link can be found on the Building Inspection page of the Wasatch County website at You will need the permit number and the first five characters of the permit holder’s last name or the first five characters of their name if the permit holder is a Corporation or LLC.

Once your permit has been scheduled, you will receive an email confirmation with the date your inspection has been scheduled and also if your inspection is an a.m. inspection or a p.m. inspection. These emails are automated and sometimes go to junk mail. All inspection requests will be scheduled by the end of the business day that they are requested, as long as they are requested during normal business hours. We will do our best to schedule your inspection for the requested date, but if that date is full, your inspection will be scheduled for the first available slot thereafter. Please check your junk mail if you have requested an inspection but haven’t received a confirmation by the close of the business day. You can also log in the same way you request your inspection and click the “View All Inspections” button and see any pending inspections there.

Your re-inspection fee will need to be paid online. Please log into the inspection portal as if you were going to request an inspection. You will see that the permit is flagged, and inspections may not be requested. Within the flag will be a website address. Please copy and paste that website address to access the online payment system to make a payment. Please allow up to one business day for the payment to be processed and the flag to be removed.

Reinspection fees are given at the following times:

  • The inspector arrives, and your requested inspection isn’t ready
  • Your stamped approved plans are not onsite
  • Same-day inspection cancellations
  • Repeat inspections being scheduled without the prior items being corrected

All modern browsers should work, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

You can check the status of your permit application by logging in to the project. If the status says that the permit is “under review” or in a “review cycle,” this means that your permit is currently moving through the process, and you will be notified by email once the project has completed that cycle. If you are notified of correction items, you will click on the review documents tab in the project to get your plan checklist. If the status says “plan submission,” this means that the project has been returned to you, and you need to address items that have either been emailed to you or have been uploaded to the review documents tab. Please remember that each time you complete your items and they have been uploaded successfully that you need to click the “SUBMIT FOR REVIEW” button. If you don’t select that button, the Building Department does not have your application, and it is not moving through the process.

All permits vary based on how complete your submittal is and how long it takes for us to receive correction items once the review has been completed. Please go to the Building Inspection page of the Wasatch County website at for submittal requirements. Please be sure you have all items listed there and that your files are named according to the naming pattern. If you are missing submittal items or your documents are not named accordingly, your application will be returned to you, and the permitting process will not begin until all items are submitted correctly.

Permit fees are based on square footage and vary from project to project. As of 6/13/2016, the average per foot charge for the Building Department portion of the permit is around $1.25 per sq. ft. This includes all square footage, finished, unfinished garage, and porches and decks. Roof coverings over decks should also be included. There is also an additional County impact fee of $3,085 for new Single Family Residences. For multi-family or commercial impact fee amounts, please get in touch with the Wasatch County Planning Department at 435-657-3205.

Other Fees
  • Temp Power fee of $75.00.
  • If your property is located within Wallsburg Town, your County impact fee will be $278.
Other fees that will need to be paid during the permitting process but are collected by Special Service Districts are Fire, Water and Sewer, and Power.
  • Solid Waste SSD Garbage Fee of $172.50 for new residential construction and $345.00 for commercial construction.
  • If your water or sewer is supplied by Twin Creeks SSD, North Village SSD, Jordanelle SSD, or Strawberry SSD, Please contact Theresa at 435-657-3244.
  • Midway Sanitation SSD: 435-654-4120
  • Please note that if you are on sewer, there will also be an additional fee to Heber Valley Special Service District of $4,170.00.
  • Heber Light & Power: 435-654-1581
  • Wasatch County Fire District: 435-940-9636

Once you have passed your final inspection and the Building Inspector notifies the office that you have passed, the Certificate will start the process of receiving the necessary signatures from within the County. This usually takes at least seven to ten business days, so please plan accordingly. Once the signatures from within the County have been received, a Certificate will be recorded. Once the certificate is recorded, a copy will be uploaded to your approved plan documents within the plan review portal as well as the inspection portal. If you are a title company or do not have access to either of these portals, you may access the document through the Wasatch County Recorder’s online document lookup service

Yes, you will still need to obtain a permit. There are different requirements, however, for Agricultural Buildings. Please view the Agricultural Agreement on our webpage under the Forms tab to see if you meet the requirements.

All structures exceeding 200 square feet require a permit. Single-story, detached accessory structures that are under 200 square feet do not require a permit. If you are building a structure under the square foot minimum, you should still check with the Wasatch County Planning Office to verify that what you want to build will meet the setback requirements. Also, decks that are under the minimum square footage requirement but are 30 inches or more off the ground will require a permit. If you are unsure if the structure you are building requires a permit, please call the office to verify.

Once your permit has been issued and you have made the payment, you can log in to your account and download your stamped approved plan set from the Approved Documents tab.

The Building Department does not handle the running of utilities. For water and sewer, you will want to contact the Special Service District that supplies the piece of property you are building on. For Power, you will want to contact either Rocky Mountain Power or Heber Light & Power depending on who provides the power in your area, and for gas, you will want to contact Questar Gas if you are running natural gas.

***Updated 06/08/2023***

Forms, Checklists, Instructions & Maps

Residential Fire Sprinkler Requirements

Residential Sprinkler Requirements

Residential Fire Sprinkler Requirements -pdf

Residential sprinkler are required if any of the following conditions are met.

Wasatch County Ordinance 17-04 states:

“The Wasatch County Code Section 14.01.04 A (6) is hereby enacted as follows:


An automatic fire sprinkler system are required to be installed in structures built in accordance with Utah Code Annotated 15A-5-203 when any of the following conditions apply:

A. The structure is in an area where a public water distribution system with fire hydrants does not exist as required by Utah Administrative Code, R309-550-5, Water Main Design.

1. Notwithstanding subsection A, In rural and suburban areas in which adequate and reliable water supply systems do not exist, the building code official is authorized to utilize NFPA 1142 or the International Wildland-Urban interface Code as amended by the State of Utah and Wasatch County.

B. The only fire apparatus access road has a grade greater than 10% for more than 500 continual feet;

C. The total floor area of all floor levels within the exterior walls of the dwelling unit exceeds 10,000 square feet; or

D. The total floor area of all floor levels within the exterior walls of the dwelling unit is double the average of the total floor area of all floor levels of un-sprinkled homes in the subdivision that are no larger than 10,000 square feet.”

If you’re residential building permit application meets the requirements for a sprinkler system (listed above) plans and calculations are required to be submitted at time of permit application. Your permit application will be deemed incomplete if fire sprinklers are required and you do not submit sprinkler plans and calculations.


Fire Forms

Fire District Assessment Package